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Jul 29, 2022


Founded in 2015 in Oslo, Grape Architects is one of the most avant-garde and innovative architecture and interior design firms in the capital. The founding members share an ethos based on active, empirical methods, looking to the future needs of society. Today the firm includes architects, interior designers, urban planners and project managers. More than 50 people are dedicated to an architectural development focused on community, which operates locally and internationally.

With sensitivity and passion for the city; experience, professionalism and social responsibility,

Grape Architects develop inclusive projects for people and the community, with great attention to social and environmental sustainability.

© Cathrine Holst, Grape Architects. Thanks to Exponova.


Using not only architectural, but also technological and innovative solutions, Dronning Eufemias Gate 8 is one of Norway's most famous commercial buildings today. Located in Oslo, next to the Operahause, the building has recently been renovated in order to achieve a significant reduction in energy consumption. Grape Architects, in collaboration with the property management firm, Braathen Eiendom, have completely renovated the interior spaces giving the structure a new, refined and sophisticated aspect, of which the hall is certainly the most significant expression. The doors open like a curtain on a prestigious entrance hall with an installation that illuminates the environment and the furnishings are by Maxalto and B&B Italia.

“Deg8 is quite a sharp and rectangular building. With the Caratos series, we've given it a more organic feel.”


Designing with Maxalto furnishings means recognizing the technical and stylistic qualities of the collection, understanding its expressive potential, sharing its distinctive values. The video series Behind the Project presents important testimonies of architects and interior designers who have chosen Maxalto for their projects.

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