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Marble, solid wood, veneer, oak and gloss lacquers give a touch of glamour to any room. Rectangular, oval, square or round tables are also available in made-to-measure formats. Welcome to Atelier Maxalto

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Contemporary & classic tables

The first choice to make about a table is its shape. Oval, rectangular, round or square. Be sure to keep different variables in mind: if the table needs to dominate the dining room, it would be better to opt for a circular top. If it is destined to a corner in the living room or to be placed along a wall, then a rectangular shape is preferable to place in a position that favours conviviality. Therefore, the living room. Tables with sharp squarish lines are perfect in homes where there are few people. The standard sizes measure 90 centimetres per side, and so it is impossible to use more than four chairs. A rectangular table is also convenient when you have guests for lunch. The smallest size is 120 centimetres, the intermediate measures 180 centimetres (six people) and the longest tables measure 300 centimetres (twelve people). However, if guests come unannounced, an extendible table would really come in handy. For kitchens of all sizes, it is better to choose practical materials. These materials are high quality. For wood tables, choices range from veneer to solid wood in oak or ash, and oak with an artisan workmanship, our Atelier. It is also possible to choose more precious woods like walnut, rosewood and eucalyptus. People choose a glass table when they do not want the room to feel burdened, and therefore they maintain a touch of lightness, On the other hand, a marble table always maintains the charm and significance of this precious material. All types of marble - Carrara, Calacatta, Marquinia, Portoro, Pietra, Marrone, Emperador, or Arabesque - provide a personalised note to the table. The specific material can give the room a note of the desired colour.

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