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Jul 21, 2021


An international design vision combined with deep roots in modern China makes Steve Leung a unique personality in the panorama of contemporary interior design. His specific philosophy, based on the belief that good design is human-centric and represents a fundamental common value, comes out consistently in every work, both in large and smaller projects. And it is in the project of a private club in the heart of Hong Kong that Steve Leung offers us his particular testimony of the qualities of the Maxalto collection.

Steve Leung Design Group was founded in 1997 by Steve Leung, internationally renowned architect, interior and product designer.

With headquarters in Hong Kong and Shanghai and over 500 designers and professionals, Steve Leung Design Group is one of the largest interior design studios in Asia. The Group provides high quality design services for different project categories: luxury residential, serviced apartments, show flats, sales offices, club houses, hotels and restaurants, commercial and office spaces, homes for the aged, medical and healthcare.


Club C+ is located in the lively streets of central Hong Kong. It is a private club dedicated to those who, together with exclusive privacy, appreciate cigars, quality spirits, teas, gastronomic delicacies, and works of art. The pronunciation of C+ in Chinese means “private house” and for Steve Leung the project expresses his own original interpretation of a comfortable home away from home, thanks also to the possibility to dine in, highlight of the project. Every part is taking care with attention: from the furnishings to the art collection, up to the personalized lighting and floral arrangements.

“Maxalto's detailed excellence and interplay of materials bring to life the warm ambience of Club C+.”


Designing with Maxalto furnishings means recognizing the technical and stylistic qualities of the collection, understanding its expressive potential, sharing its distinctive values. The video series Behind the Project presents important testimonies of architects and interior designers who have chosen Maxalto for their projects.

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