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Italian comfort and savoir-faire goes into Maxalto’s designer chairs. These pieces furnish the dining room with elegant luxury.

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Contemporary chairs

An atmosphere that conveys warmth and richness. A warm, reassuring atmosphere. These are the assumptions for a Maxalto home. Pleasant repeating patterns, reproductions of aristocratically elegant designs, and natural colours and materials help transform the space to create a sophisticated but cosy room. It is not necessary to furnish an area with products from the same family, since the Maxalto collections are all interchangeable. It is easy to create different situations and atmospheres on the basis of your own personal interpretation. People enjoy a room where different elements exist together harmoniously. Designer Antonio Citterio says: “the plan for a piece of furniture consists in drawing a room in which the object is part of a ritual of domestic components through its use, position and relation with other objects. Ritualism represents essence of how the “bourgeois ” culture experienced the home. Now, let’s try to match the chairs to the table and see how the different elements can express different emotions that we will render even more explicit though the choice of materials and colours. Exceptional style is not only in the objects’ characteristics, but also in their ability to suggest emotions, relationships and feelings. We can see that the classic straw back chair is revived with a new style in the Calipso chair. Solid wood is also significant. It plays with our collective memory, which is the demonstration of the great relationship between the chair and the reference culture. At this point, it is important to mention the Febo chairs, a wide range of diverse chairs in leather or fabric with legs covered or in oak that looks very much like a classic type of chair. This family has an enveloping back and comes with or without armrests, with blanket stitching that accents every line. A new way to be at the table is often expressed with the Febo sofa that acts as a bench thanks to its ad hoc dimensions. In re-designing our ways of modern living, some chairs have a deeper lounger variant. Oriental style emerges in the curved lines of the Fulgens chair to find unexpected light in the silky shellac finish. Stools of two different heights complete the series.

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