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Materials and Craftsmanship


When the collaboration with architects Afra and Tobia Scarpa began in 1975 with the idea of designing a new collection of luxury furniture, from an entrepreneurial standpoint, the decision was against the mainstream that most companies were following, with artificial materials very popular. Choosing to use a natural material was, instead, reminiscent of the Scandinavian idea of “organic” design, revisited by Scarpa. The wood used to make Maxalto products is in fact a “transformer” material that is processed to show its unexpected characteristics and formal qualities.

The goal, which they achieved with several products - like the Africa chair (Artona collection) and the New Harmony collection - was to create iconic objects able to stir the imagination of an educated potential consumer and influence his choice of furnishings. In 1993, with Antonio Citterio as sole designer, Maxalto launched a new product strategy. For Citterio, it was initially a study of modern or “middle-class” furniture as he would describe the first Modus collection (back in 1993): again, the use of wood was preferred for very defined and traditional pieces such as bookcases, chests of drawers, chairs and small armchairs. The quality lay in the details and high quality artisan craftsmanship but rather than the creation of iconic pieces it was more important to create an atmosphere in space exuding modern style. The product range was also expanded with this intention to include sofas, armchairs and accessories, creating a catalogue rich in different shapes, materials and production techniques, with very elegant and detailed solutions. As such Maxalto gradually established its unique identity on the market. Though it uses B&B Italia’s Research and Development Centre and follows the same quality standards for materials and production processes, Maxalto has its own factory where it manages the processing of woods and other precious materials. Today Maxalto is the group brand featuring the “modern classic” approach in its collections offering a complete range of sophisticated and elegant furnishings, designed in a tradition of artisanship with a contemporary approach. It combines excellent materials, precise manufacturing and exclusive details. Maxalto uses its artisan skills to offer size and finish product customisation.


It’s all in the details

Getting to know the Maxalto reality means discovering the variety of materials, the quality of the finishes, the great handicraft behind each proposal. An exclusive dimension, led by slow rhythms and meticulous precision, translated into a collection that sees details as absolute protagonists.