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Maxalto furnishes your living room with unmistakable style. Sofas with a sophisticated spirit for people who love contemporary design with a hint of traditional style, and also for people who want functional solutions without passing up elegance.

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Contemporary sofas

Furnish your living room with high quality and timeless elegance. In a period residence or a glass-panelled penthouse, Maxalto's solutions are always the expression of luxury and rigorous design, creativity and balance, versatile features and personality.

The ensemble of furnishings creates a combination of different languages able to communicate an area of distinctive taste. Maxalto collections are able to dialogue amongst themselves to recreate different situations and atmospheres based on our personal interpretation. Modularity, form and fabrics set off the characteristics of the sofas. Linear 2 or 3 seat sofas, corner sofas or L-shaped compositions interpret contemporary style to offer the highest comfort and flexibility.

Fabric sofas express a softer, more comfortable style that can take on more luxurious accents with a glossy velvet, or evoke retrò atmospheres with a linen cover. Seams made by expert tailors recall the language of haute couture.

The choice of colours can fall within a single chromatic range, playing with a tone-on-tone effect and matching different textures. This clearly aristocratic image is completed with the pleasure of discovering the feel of precious new materials. Think of the rigour and seriousness of natural linen or the seductive delicateness of velvet, or even the aged look and weave of chenille. Patterns can enrich the composition by evoking the classic charm of coordinates. Covering Maxalto rooms means entering a whole new dimension of elegance and trying the exclusiveness of a sophisticated lifestyle that seeks out luxury in quality details and the sensory characteristics of the materials. 

Leather sofas offer a strong, prestigious presence and can have a single seat enhanced by a square capitonnè pattern. Leathers chosen by Maxalto come from European bred calves. In choosing these leathers, we can offer a greater guarantee with regard to the care and attention towards the animal. These types of leather for furnishings are the best material available on the global market.

Alongside standard production, rigorously Made in Italy, Maxalto also uses artisan processes, which make the company flexible and able to satisfy the need for customised furniture, just like in an atelier. An example? The Lucrezia sofa is available in custom formats.  All modules that comprise this piece can be customised in width and depth.

Italian excellence is seen from history, tradition, taste and most importantly, quality. Maxalto sofas are made with cold moulded polyurethane foam and have a solid metal frame. These aspects guarantee maximum comfort, uniformity of seats and resistance. Thanks to this technology, created by B&B Italia and transferred to Maxalto, sofas with metal frames are guaranteed for 10 years. 

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