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Double beds furnish the room with a touch of sophisticated Maxalto style. The softer shapes of the beds in fabric or leather or the reinterpretation of classic styles for wooden beds.

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The bed is the main piece of furniture in a master bedroom and in a child's bedroom. This space has changed a lot over time, and in the attempt to cultivate privacy, it came to be equipped with a canopy. Lastly, the bedroom began to respond better to the new needs of rest and relaxation with services. The bed as a “practical platform” is for free use of the night area of the home. In this way, the ergonomics of the headboard allows the user to lie down or remain in a comfortable sitting position. We find beds with feet or set directly on the floor, equipped with a convenient space saving storage compartment. The cover of the “textile” bed is completely removable and can be changed to fit the occasion. The structure of the frame of beds covered in thick leather is also essential, and it is the opposite of the soft image of the fabric bed. Always elegant and practical is the bed covered in natural leather. Changes in the way we live and experience our homes make possible to place the bedroom adjacent to a study, or next to the living room, while still maintaining a formal arrangement of spaces and functions. It works like a “suite”. Perfectly reflecting the particular way of living that is typical of the middle class.

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