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Jul 21, 2021


Strongly linked to the city of Milan and great lovers of its architectural and design tradition, Riccardo and Samuel are convinced that 'listening' represents the fundamental prerequisite for achieving authentic quality in every project. The renovation of a historic home in the heart of the city presented an extraordinary opportunity to for the careful restoration and the relationship between the interior spaces and the furniture in the house. The choice of the Maxalto brand arises from the deep knowledge of its expressive qualities, the formal coherence and the stylistic value of the selected pieces.

NCB ARCHITETTURA Studio was founded in Milan in 2006 by architects Riccardo Emanuele and Samuel Balasso.

There are several work areas: restoration of buildings and historical monuments, boutique hotels, restaurants, villas, bespoke and lapartments and exterior landscaping. The team provides both design and strategic and creative direction consultancy.

LC Apartment, Palazzo della Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo, Milano.

The project involved the studio in the restoration and refurbishment of the apartment inside the Palazzo della Veneranda Fabbrica. It is a building intended, since its construction, for the Engineer appointed by the Fabbriceria to oversee the maintenance and upkeep of the Duomo in Milan. Having already underdone significant maintenance works during the global total renovation of the building by Ignazio Gardella in 1957, the spaces were carefully updated, starting with the upgrading and integration of the electrical, water and sanitary systems, some important structural works and the restoration of the decorative elements.

“The timeless character, extreme versatility and elegance. Maxalto's collections have one feature: they are micro architectures, with a staircase always calibrated and always harmonious.”


Designing with Maxalto furnishings means recognizing the technical and stylistic qualities of the collection, understanding its expressive potential, sharing its distinctive values. The video series Behind the Project presents important testimonies of architects and interior designers who have chosen Maxalto for their projects.

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