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Jul 21, 2021


Architecture, product design, interior design: behind ACPV (Antonio Citterio's and Patricia Viel's architecture and Interior design studio) there is the extraordinary combination of all these skills, combined with a typically Italian vision and sensitivity. Patricia Viel, co-founder of the studio, together with Antonio Citterio, tells us about her vision of hospitality and the reasons that make Maxalto the ideal interpreter of this peculiar, and privileged, design environment.

Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel (ACPV) is an international architecture and interior design practice headquartered in Milan, Italy, founded by architects Antonio Citterio and Patricia Viel, in 2000.

The practice is currently involved in several international projects, embracing different scales of intervention – from master planning to mixed-use developments, to residential and commercial buildings, corporate headquarters and hotels – in collaboration with a qualified network of specialist consultants.


The project features an elegant, white marble façade, partially restored from the 18th century, that conveys refinement and lightness. A precious garden and a lush wall of vegetation welcome visitors when approaching the building. Each detail has been carefully designed, from door handles and pieces of furniture to desk accessories and fabrics. An urban oasis enjoyed by locals and tourists alike.

“Maxalto is more about the organization of a scene that is expecting something to happen, inside. Every single object is under control, exactly like a movie scene.”


Designing with Maxalto furnishings means recognizing the technical and stylistic qualities of the collection, understanding its expressive potential, sharing its distinctive values. The video series Behind the Project presents important testimonies of architects and interior designers who have chosen Maxalto for their projects.

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