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Jul 08, 2021


Maxalto presents Camerae, a project that explores the relationship between design, art and craftsmanship through the contribution of special guests, invited to interpret the brand's stage with their own works. Camerae thus presents itself as a space for discussion and play, for hyperbole and experimentation; the place where Maxalto opens its doors and invites you to discover new realities. Welcome to Maxalto, the stage is yours.

The first guest is Green Wise, a Japanese company specializing in installations and flower design, which provides four interpretations of the project: two with suspended Slow Sculpture works, in lotus and rapeseed leaves, and two with Kukido works, medlar and willow branches in balance between them.


Founded in Tokyo in 1905, Green Wise carries out landscape design, construction and maintenance of greenery. The sensitivity and deep respect for nature that has guided the company's business for over a century, has materialized in recent years in the Slow Green project; a movement that aims to restore the diversity of the natural world and a lifestyle of harmony within it. The desire to promote its values led Green Wise to inaugurate a new office in Milan in 2019, the first overseas.

Slow Sculpture suspended in rapeseed or brassica napus l. 

Table Astrum, chairs Caratos, storage units Tesaurus, complement Trigo.

“Nature itself is the best example of how each process leads to beauty.”

Fundamental raw material, precious commodity to take care of, source of constant inspiration: for Green Wise nature represents many things. Located on the boundaries between art and craftsmanship, the team's creative activity is guided by the deep conviction that beauty resides in imperfection and that this should not be hidden or corrected, but shown and valued in its spontaneous manifestation and uniqueness.

Kukido in common medlar or mespilus germanica.

Sofa Aurae, armchairs Amoenus Soft, small table Lithos, complements Arkè, Trigo.

“With the Kukido we want to express a renewed respect for nature.”

The Green Wise philosophy finds its ideal synthesis in the Kukido, a work in which the careful arrangement of the branches of a plant allows for a harmonious and perfect balance. The apparent simplicity of the gesture is thus reflected in a new and surprising result, rich in poetry and original beauty.

Slow Sculpture is suspended in lotus flower or nelumbo adans.

Sofa Apollo, armchairs Caratos, ottoman Intervallum, storage unit Alcor, complement Trigo.

“A Tokyo abbiamo le nostre radici, con Milano condividiamo la passione per il design.”

We have our roots in Tokyo, with Milan we share a passion for design." After more than 100 years from its foundation, and now in its third generation, Green Wise opened its first office outside Japan in 2019. The choice of Milan is not accidental: on the one hand the international role of the city with respect to the themes of design and creativity, on the other, the coincidence with the climatic conditions of Tokyo, a factor that allows us to exploit the wealth of experience and skills acquired over time.

Kukido in twisted willow or 'tortuous' salix matsudana.

Table Intoto, chair Caratos, small table Loto, storage units Biblia, complements Caratos, Trigo.

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