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Sep 29, 2022


Maxalto presents Camerae, a project that explores the relationship between design, art and craftsmanship through the contribution of special guests, invited to interpret the brand's stage with their own works. Camerae thus presents itself as a space for discussion and play, for hyperbole and experimentation; the place where Maxalto opens its doors and invites you to discover new realities. Welcome to Maxalto, the stage is yours.

The second guest is Karolina Maszkiewicz, a Polish sculptor who interprets different spaces with four kinetic works: one from the Suspencia series, in raw wood, and three sculptures from the Serpsâtes series made with organic materials.


Karolina Maszkiewicz is a Polish-American artist who lives and works in Los Angeles. Predominantly inspired by the natural landscape, her work is based on the use of simple materials such as raw wood and plant seeds, and aims to evoke the characteristic atmospheres of these contexts. The choice of kinetic structures is linked to the artist’s reflection on the theme of time and its continuous flow, and the fundamental value of rebirth.

Dream-On. Veneer, stainless steel.

Dives Soft sofa, Febo armchairs, Eracle storage units, Loto small tables, Intervallum ottoman, Milos carpet.

“There’s a widespread tendency in art and in design to go back to natural elements and I find that wonderful.”

A constant source of inspiration and exploration, nature has always played a key role in the life and work of Karolina Maszkiewicz. On the fine line between art and craftsmanship, her works comprise what the artist sees as nature’s waste. Prompted by a firm conviction that nature is the most precious resource, she began collecting this waste and cleaning it up to shape into sculptures.

Jacaranda ice white. Plant pods, stainless steel, paint.

Amoenus Soft sofa, Mida storage units, Lithos small table, Lithos ottoman, InToto console, Milos carpet.

“With my sculptures what I try to achieve is a feeling of peace, a moment for the mind to take a break.”

The underlying idea of these works is simple and immediate: allowing ourselves time to admire what surrounds us and feeling greater appreciation for the harmonious beauty of nature. Kinetic compositions made using wood or plant pods that play on equilibrium and on movement, and that evoke the passing of time as they turn.

Fire Tree & Pine Cones. Plant pods, stainless steel.

Ares table, Febo chairs, Alcor storage units, Sella bench, Milos carpet.

“Los Angeles is so unique and I believe it has a huge influence on what I do. I don’t know what kind of work I’d do if I lived in a city like New York.”

For Karolina Maszkiewicz, Los Angeles is a unique, key setting for the development of her work. Here, in one of the largest US cities, it is possible to live and still stay connected with nature, and this is the artist’s greatest source of inspiration.

Fire Tree & Pine Cones. Plant pods, stainless steel.

Alcova bed, Febo armchairs, Sidus writing desk, Intervallum ottoman, Arkè windscreen, Milos carpet.

Concept and Art Direction




Shooting and Editing

LEONARDO PELUCCHI, forte/fortissimo

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