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Nov 15, 2023


Maxalto proudly unveils its new Flagship Store in the vibrant city of Washington DC, USA. The 3-levels store dedicates the ground floor entrance in Cady's Alley to showcase the most iconic pieces of the Maxalto collection.

For the first time, Maxalto, the group brand featuring the “modern classic” spirit in its collections, has its own ground floor entrance in Cady’s Alley, the ideal space to immerse yourself in the timeless lifestyle interiors designed by Antonio Citterio and appreciate the genuine luxury of these sophisticated creations.

Lilum sofa, Elios small table, Febo armchair, Caratos small table.

 Despina chairs, Pathos table, Tesaurus storage units.

 Xilos table, Acanto chairs.

Arbiter sofa, Lithos small table, Intoto console, Febo ottoman.

Amoenus Soft sofa, Loto small table, Apollo armchair, Tesaurus storage units, Intervallum complement.

23th OCTOBER 2023

Maxalto Washington DC 
3330 M St NW
20007 Georgetown  
Washington DC, US


Photography Michael Biondo

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