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Dec 20, 2023


Maxalto has recently opened a new Flagship Store in the heart of Miami Design District. 

The prestigious space of about 21,000 sq. ft offers an innovative setting that fuses retail and project planning. On display at the second floor are Maxalto’s latest collection and its timeless icons, including Apollo sofa, Xilos table and Caratos armchairs.

Lilum sofa, Elios tavolino, Intervallum pouf, bench Caratos, small table Loto, bed Sileo, wind-screen Privatus. Amoenus Soft sofa, Alcor storage units.

Arbiter sofa, Lithos small table, Caratos armchairs, Tesaurus storage unit.

Xilos table, Cleide and Despina chairs.

ph Emilio Collavino

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