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Mar 20, 2024



Maxalto unveils its new collection designed and coordinated by Antonio Citterio

Maxalto presents a new chapter in the story started by Antonio Citterio in 1995 which further elevates the collection to the ‘Art of the Unique’, where each piece is designed, not only to meet the needs of the clients’ environment, but also to fully reflect their individual style.

Caratos chairs, Xilos table, Artemone storage unit, Intervallum ottoman, Soleide small table, Riso carpet.

Florius sofa, Soleide small table, Intervallum ottomans, Riso carpet.

Lilum sofa, Intervallum ottoman, Clio armchairs, Soleide small table, Privatus windscreen, Elios small table, Milos carpet.

Apollo armchairs, Soleide small table, Caratos ottomans, Pathos small table, Riso carpet.

Lilum sofa, Incipit bookcases, Soleide small table, Riso carpet.

Ares table, Despina chairs, Artemone storage unit, Sella bench.

Florius sofa, Soleide small table, Artemone storage unit, Riso carpet.

Apollo sofas and armchairs, Pathos small table, Elios small table, Caratos ottomans, Riso carpet.

Caratos chairs, Astrum table, Artemone storage unit, Riso carpet.

Caratos armchairs, Loto small table, Privatus windscreen, Siglum carpet.

Divano Arbiter, divano e pouf Febo, tavolino Lithos, letto Alcova, tavolino Amphora, tappeto Milos.

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