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Apr 05, 2024


In a historical private villa situated on Dongping Road in the former French Concession, Maxalto showcased its collection of timeless lifestyle interiors, marking its first exhibition in China. The exhibition was carefully curated to showcase the "Art of the Unique" concept, emphasizing the harmonious connection between space and products, and creating a truly immersive experience.

Apollo sofa, Elios small table, Privauts windscreen, Riso carpet.

Arbiter sofa, Caratos armchairs, Elios small table, Intervallum ottoman, Intoto bench, Caldes carpet. Despina chair, Xilos table, Alcor storage unit.

Amoenus Soft sofa, Loto small table, Timo carpet.

Lucrezia chaise longue.

Lilum sofa, Febo armchairs, Elios small table, Timo carpet.

Cleide chair, Astrum table, Tesaurus storage unit, Caldes carpet.

Caratos chairs, Ares table. Arbiter sofa, Elios small table, Lithos small table, Fulgens armchairs.

Soleide small table.

Febo bed, Recipio '14 small table, Febo ottoman, Psiche mirror, Pathos bench, Diakos carpet.



Photo by Sui Sicong


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