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Maxalto Atelier

Custom-made solutions

The excellence of the collection, the richness of the range, the possibility of customization, recognize Maxalto as the preferred choice by interior decorators from all over the world for both residential and public projects.

Maxalto Atelier is the service with which Maxalto offers the possibility to further customize some of the products in the collection, both in terms of size and finishes, thanks to the artisan approach that has always characterized the brand. The experience of interior decoration is in fact the heart of the Maxalto philosophy, aware that the right combination of colors, textures and materials is essential to recreate the desired atmosphere. The result is real unique "tailoring projects", designed and made to measure for customers, just like in an atelier. An opportunity linked to Maxalto's approach, which has always been devoted to the creation of "custom" products thanks to a production with artisanal content in which manual intervention is a fundamental moment.

Maxalto Atelier

Materials’ research and studies

In support of the increasing need for customization, the Atelier today no longer represents an exclusive service to the customer, but becomes in effect a space where you can "experiment" the collections: an area dedicated to exhibiting and testing fabrics and materials, to customize colors, finishes, style of the houses. Interior designers and clients thus choose together, within Flagships and main single-brand stores, the most suitable solutions for individual taste and/or the representation that they want to give in home furnishings.


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Maggiori dettagli, alcuni esempi di soluzioni personalizzate e l’elenco delle finiture in collezione sono contenuti in un documento dedicato, disponibile per il download.